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The In-Room
Experience 2.0

Link to Real Solutions | Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing
Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing


is lost to competition

recurring patient revenue

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing


when they know where to go next

of patients show up
to follow-ups

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

Lincata increases loyalty to your Health System with brand awareness, relevant content and digital ease.

Increase Revenue

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing
Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

Lincata gives patients instant in-room access to your digital apps and scheduling efforts.


Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing


higher net profitability margin

Health Systems

with excellent patient satisfaction

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

Lincata links patients and clinical teams for positive recovery experiences.

Quality Outcomes

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

How Lincata Works

Health Systems have many digital pieces. Lincata centralizes those pieces with a dynamic onscreen platform bridging digital care solutions to create a tangible ROI across all digital investments.

  1. Brand the most dynamic patient-facing screen in the room.

  2. Activate patients in your online portal or app in a single step.

  3. Target patients with suggested treatments, facilities and providers that are directly in line with prescribed care.

  4. Promote vertical services that are specific to the in-room patient, increasing care outcomes with relevancy.

  5. Care for and entertain patients in-room with a robust digital solution that increases patient satisfaction.

  6. Support clinical staff with digital in-room communications.

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing
Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing
Lincata's In-Room Marketing Platform Key Benefits

Lincata Has Solutions for

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing
Patients & Families

Lincata helps patients and families by providing critical care information on screen immediately and effectively. There is no better time to reach a patient than when that patient is physically in your hospital.

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

Digital marketers have a greater opportunity of reaching and activating patients when Lincata’s in-room screen engages the patient before discharge.

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing
Clinicians & Providers

When prescribed care is displayed on Lincata’s dynamic screen, clinicians have greater success communicating to patients because that information is centrally located with more time for the patient to digest what care is needed.

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing
Information Management

Lincata’s top-of-market integrations means that information managers can combine EHR, education, engagement, clinical, and marketing content via in-room screens with ease and directly to the patient.

We didn't invent TV screens.
We just made in-room patient screens more useful
for patients, digital marketing, clinical teams,
and health system ROI.

How Lincata Competes

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing | Driving Transactions

Driving Transactions

Health Systems have no better opportunity to provide direct patient care than when the patient is in the room. Lincata's in-room marketing solution not only targets patients with applicable services, but also leads patients to booking that next appointment within your Health System.

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing | Directing In-Room Content

Directing In-Room

Other digital solutions compete for impressions when patients are out in the world. Lincata cuts through the competition by speaking directly to patients about your Health System right when in-room patients are looking, making your System front and center.

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing | Activating Quality Outcomes
Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

Delivering Quality Outcomes

Effortless clinical workflow support is a must. Lincata's dynamic in-room screen elevates existing technologies by leading with digital marketing tools that go beyond workflow and into digital activation solutions. When patients are connected, Health System increase care outcomes.

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