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Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

About Lincata


Lincata is the in-room marketing solution that intelligently connects your hospital’s existing in-room TVs to your marketing content and digital strategy for the purposes of increasing revenue, reducing readmissions, and delivering quality outcomes through a simple device that enables access to a range of services.


By linking patient data with coordinated clinical services and relevant patient education content on screen, the Lincata solution increases loyalty to your health system with patients at the best possible time: when patients are focused on in-room screens, managing their care, and physically present to understand the next steps in their health continuum.


Lincata is the North American division of Lincor, based in Nashville. Lincor’s platform solutions have been used for more than a decade by health systems across the world.

90+ Locations
Hospital Beds
30+ Countries
15+ Years Experience
95% Retention Rate 

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

When patients leave your hospital room after discharge, the opportunity to book additional appointments within your Health System decreases every hour and every day. Those additional appointments are critical to Health Systems because:

  • Revenue increases when patients stay loyal to your Health System as booking within your system is easy and satisfying.

  • Readmissions are reduced when follow-up appointments are booked as close to procedures as possible.

  • Better outcomes are achieved when patients understand their next steps, including necessary follow-up appointments.


Lincata's in-room patient marketing platform is the only digital tool that focuses on linking the in-room patient disease state directly to your Health System digital strategy and scheduling efforts.

Lincata | In-room Patient Marketing

Health Systems

are losing


recurring revenue

per bed per year

Visit our Newsroom as we continue to report on Lincata and the benefits we provide in a value-based healthcare industry.

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Lincata works with top-of-market healthcare vendors to provide a seamless solution in one dynamic platform that is easy to manage and effortlessly effective in delivering communications to the in-room patient.


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Chief Medical Officer

St. Mary's Hospital For Children

“The system improves the quality of the patient experience and gives our staff a tool to educate patients and chart at the bedside. It’s a win-win and we have been very happy with the value it has delivered.”

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