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Lincata Debuts New In-Room Marketing Solution for Health Systems

Interactive patient solution connects Lincata’s device and services with existing hospital room TV infrastructure to enhance the digital patient experience and improve loyalty through in-network access to vertical services

Nashville, TN - November 20, 2023 – Lincata is excited to announce the launch of its new in-room hospital marketing solution. The proven technology connects existing television infrastructure with Lincata’s device and services to help close the loop in digital patient engagement strategies – transforming what used to be a single-purpose screen for entertainment into an interactive digital hub that unlocks revenue and patient engagement opportunities.

“Forward-thinking health systems have invested in digital front door strategies to build patient loyalty and drive revenues. However, the experience is often incomplete because it misses key touchpoints along the patient journey, such as during hospital stays. In-room televisions offer a powerful channel to close this critical digital experience gap and engage patients at a time when they are already thinking about the next step in their health journey,” said Jonathan Thornton, CEO at Lincata.

On average, patients watch upwards of 11 hours of television a day while in the hospital. With Lincata, health systems now have a simple solution that enables them to use TV assets to reinforce the next point of care booking, key brand messages, showcase various services, and proactively engage patients in care during their stay to prepare for post-discharge.

Lincata’s wireless or wired device seamlessly connects to existing TVs and media services, making it fast and easy to deploy. The solution also integrates with all the core clinical and marketing solutions, including electronic medical record (EMR) and prescription systems, patient education tools, and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Data from these systems is automatically consolidated and curated to create branded home screens unique to each hospital and patient. In addition to linking to traditional entertainment and streaming options (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.), Lincata-enabled TV screens display information directly related to an individual's clinical status and prescribed care, including a list of their clinical team and educational content relevant to their specific condition. In addition, the system creates a one-step connection to the hospital’s mobile app or patient portal via the patient’s mobile device to improve care coordination and promote ongoing engagement.

“There’s no better time to reach a patient than when they are in the hospital bed and watching TV. Patients can use this screen time to coordinate care - whether it is scheduling physical therapy appointments, booking follow-up visits with physicians, or filling a prescription from the hospital pharmacy. This leads to improved engagement, better quality outcomes, and ultimately increased revenue for the health system,” said Thomas White, Executive Chairman at Lincata.

Lincata is the North American division of Lincor, whose products have been used for over a decade by more than 90 hospitals around the globe. The Lincata system was designed specifically for U.S. hospitals to meet healthcare-specific compliance obligations and unique challenges facing American health systems.

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About Lincata

Lincata is the in-room marketing solution that intelligently connects your hospital’s

existing in-room TVs to your marketing content and digital strategy for the purposes of

increasing revenue, reducing re-admissions, and delivering quality outcomes through a simple device that enables access to a range of services. By linking patient data with coordinated clinical services and relevant patient education content on screen, the Lincata solution increases loyalty to your health system with patients at the best possible time: when patients are focused on in-room screens, managing their care, and physically present to understand the next steps in their health continuum. Lincata is the North American division of Lincor, based in Nashville. Lincor’s platform solutions have been used for more than a decade by health systems across the world. Visit for more information.

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