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An Overview of Digital Health

In recent years, digital health strategies are not only recommended but also becoming a singular priority for many. Experts across the healthcare industry approach digital investment in various ways. Below, we have gathered a selection of articles and reports to better increase digital strategy knowledge so that Health Systems are able to focus efforts behind the most meaningful pursuits.

1. How Digital Transformation Affects Population Health

From Healthcare IT News

September 23, 2022

2. When Digital Strategies Begin at the Front Door

From the Association of Healthcare Journalists

3. When Experts Weigh in on Digital Transformation

From Becker's Hospital Review

January 11, 2019

4. A Checklist: Key Insights of Digital Transformation

From Chetan Trivedi at Curzon

April 23, 2023

Stay in the know with the Lincata Newsroom to gather, sort and evolve our knowledge of Digital Transformation in Healthcare.

About Lincata

Lincata is an in-room digital marketing platform that intelligently connects your hospital's existing TVs to your marketing content and digital strategy for the purposes of increasing revenue, reducing re-admissions and delivering quality outcomes. By linking in-room patient data with coordinated vertical services and relevant patient education content on screen, the Lincata platform increases loyalty to your Health System among patients at the very best possible time: when patients are focused on their care and physically present to understand next steps. Lincata delivers your branded content all while providing the highest level of entertainment and effortlessly complementing clinical workflows. Lincata is the North American division of Lincor. Based in Nashville, Lincata’s unique and leading in-room marketing platform has been used for more than a decade by many health systems across the world.


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